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Dettson - Cooling - Electric Alizé

Dettson - Cooling - Electric Alizé
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In order to increase the comfort benefit provided by the modulation of our Chinook gas furnace, we developed an outdoor unit named Alizé, which offers variable speed cooling. This combination allows the benefits of a variale speed forced-air system for a 12-months period instead of the heating period only.

Our outdoor Alizé cooling unit is a side discharge unit. This provides a very small footprint which is welcomed for the backyard, as well as a super silent operation for quieter afternoons on the deck.

Dettson is the first HVAC manufacturer to use a side discharge only approach for residential central systems.

  • Side-discharge type, Dettson is the first HVAC manufacturer to go the distance…
  • Variable speed compressor modulating from 25 to 100%
  • Quiet outdoor operation, with a maximum range of 49 to 55 dB in full capacity depending on the unit
  • Air distribution; able to deliver very low CFM
  • Longer operation cycles for better air mixing
  • Much smaller footprint
  • Really efficient: 27SEER for 9,000BTU in cooling mode
  • Low energy consumption in KW
  • Access to the Right-Sized system, exclusive to Dettson
  • Stability of ambient temperature
  • Capacity from 3/4 tonnes to 3 tonnes

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