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Gree - Wall Unit Heatpump U-Crown Series 12000 BTU SEER-23

Gree - Wall Unit Heatpump U-Crown Series 12000 BTU SEER-23


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With the latest technology, its innovative features and top-end performance, the U-Crown is the ultimate heatpump to provide you with comfort for your home all year long!

The U-Crown heatpump is specifically designed for Canadian weather with its 2-Stage compressor. It will keep you warm during those harsh winters with a capacity to run at full efficiency up to -30ºC outdoor temperature. It will also cool your home during hot summer days with a capacity to run up to 46ºC outdoor temperature. And it does this while still being Energy Star rated, which means you will be saving on those energy bills as well.

On top of that, the U-Crown also uses the latest technology to help you adjust your homes ambient temperature easily to help you find that ideal comfort zone. Equipped with the Wi-Fi Function, you can use your smartphone to control the temperature from your home. You can also use the ''I Feel'' Function to ensure you have the exact temperature you want in any area in your home and maximize your comfort.

The U-Crown can also ensure that the air in your home is always pure. With its Intense Field Dielectric (IFD), the U-Crown filters the air by catching PM2.5 particles and removing them from your ambient air, assuring you are breathing the purest and cleanest air when you are at home.


      • G10 Technology
      • Led Display
      • Led Remote
      •  -30ºC Oudoor Temperature Heating
      • 46ºC Outdoor Temperature Cooling
      • Turbo Mode
      • Low-Voltage Startup
      • Low-Temperature Startup
      • Clock Display
      • Comfortable Sleeping Mode
      • Multi-Speed Fan
      • Quiet Design
      • Self-Diagnosis
      • Drying Operation
      • Auto Clean
      • Removable Washable Panel
      • Air Flow Direction Control
      • Automatic Operation
      • Memory Function
      • Lock
      • 1W Standby
      • Timer
      • Cold Air Prevention
      • Wi-Fi (smartphone) Technology
      • ''I Feel'' Function

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