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Dettson - Water heater - Oil CMO

Dettson - Water heater - Oil CMO
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Dettson Dettson

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Hot water on demand

The CMO hot water heater is a nice option for replacement for contractors and homeowners. It allows to keep the actual burner, but it also adds option for new burners and thus additional flexibility.

  • The drain valve has a new location for footprint efficiency.
  • The security valve has been moved  for ease of commissioning and maintenance.
  • Our new CMO models exceed the new efficiency requirements.
  • Our high recovery rate unit runs quiet while offering reliable and safe operation.
  • Glass-lined high-gauge steel tank with fiberglass insulation covering the entire tank.
  • Efficient design for accurate water temperature control.
  • Molded ceramic fiber combustion chamber for lower operating costs.
  • Baffle system that delivers higher efficiency.

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