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Carrier Multizone Thermostat ComfortZone 4 Zones ZONECC4KIT01-B

Carrier Multizone Thermostat ComfortZone 4 Zones ZONECC4KIT01-B


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Carrier Carrier

Data sheet

Auto Changeover N/A
Choice of Faceplates N/A
Energy Star N/A
Clean Filter Reminder N/A
Large LCD Screen Yes
Zoning Up to 4 zones
Design Standard
Limited Warranty Parts 10 years
Intuitive On Screen Prompts N/A
Temperature Control Yes
Ideal Humidity System® N/A
Ventilation Control Yes
Fan Speed Control N/A
Programmable Yes
Ideal Humidity System® Yes
Back Lighting Yes


This Carrier Multizone Thermostat ComfortZone 4 Zones ZONECC4KIT01-B model allows you simple programming of temperature and humidity levels in 7-day cycles for up to four zones. You can enjoy greater comfort management and energy savings control. And, if your system includes a heat pump and a furnace, its advanced features can orchestrate Hybrid Heat®system performance too.

If you have questions about Carrier Multizone Thermostat ComfortZone 4 Zones ZONECC4KIT01-B, or if you are in need of our installation, repair, or maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Tran Climatisation will be pleased to provide with all the information and the services that you need.


  • Controls 4 distinct zones
  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Ideal Humidity System® management capable for better comfort
  • Hybrid Heat® system management capable
  • Auto changeover between heating and cooling
  • Day-at-a-glance 7-day programming by zone
  • Smart temperature sensors
  • Duct temperature (LAT) sensor
  • Outdoor temperature sensor
  • Fully modulating dampers to regulate airflow
  • 10-year parts limited warranty1


  • Application of up to 7 smart sensors for zoning
  • Application of remote sensor to feed information to the main control from a different location


  • Hybrid Heat system management capable


  • Manages up to 4 zones
  • Ideal Humidity System® cooling dehumidification control capable
  • Manages humidification products
  • Controls system airflow


  • Fully modulating dampers to regulate airflow
  • Programming capable 7 independent days/week
  • Diagnostic display


  • Battery free
  • Powered by connection to major system components


  • Backlit LCD display
  • White outer casing

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