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Gas Furnace 92 Payne PG92ESA

Gas Furnace 92 Payne PG92ESA


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Payne Payne

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Data sheet

Warranty Parts 10 years
Limited Warranty Heat Exchanger 20 Years
AFUE Up to 92.1%
Energy Star Yes
Variable Speed ECM Fixed-speeds
Blower Motor Type™ Single-stage
Gas Valve Technology™ Single-stage
Heating Capacity (in BTU/H) 40,000–120,000 BTUh
Compatible thermostat heat/cool
Heat exchanger Yes


Feel the heat and enjoy the savings. Our affordable 90% or higher gas furnace provides reliable, single-stage operation for comfort you can depend on. Significantly more efficient than typical older models, this furnace achieves up to 92.1% AFUE and qualifies for the ENERGY STAR® designation on select sizes. It's a comforable combination of warmth, economy and value. 

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